T H E   B U D O   C E N T E R

M   A   R   T   I   A   L       A   R   T   S      &      F   I   T   N   E   S   S      E   V   O   L   V   E   D



The Budo Center uses Modern Karate-Do as a vehicle to increase balance, coordination, confidence, respect, and focus, and to enhance goal-setting characteristics. This program consists of basic kicks, punches, blocks, stances, forms, and curriculum all while safely having FUN! The Budo Center's courses are designed to instill confidence and build a solid foundation in life for every student by assisting them in achieving a healthy mind, body, and spirit.


This class revolves around Japanese and American kickboxing fighting techniques and Filipino Martial Arts. We focus on strikes with hands, feet, elbows, and knees, while you slim down, get toned, build endurance, reduce and relieve stress. You will leave feeling empowered and confident.

We incorporate conditioning exercises, speed drills and weapons/defense training into this program. Your mind, body language and fitness level, make you situationally aware and ready for combat.

We invite you to come in and try a class. We know we can help anyone look and feel better. All while having FUN!

You will learn how to adapt traditional Martial Arts to a modern world.

Boxing  -  Kickboxing

This class revolves around Japanese and American boxing and kickboxing. We focus on conditioning drills and boxing drills structured in rounds. Such a rigorous workout will reduce and relieve stress. Jumping rope will develop your aerobic fitness, eye-hand-foot coordination, and agility. A variation of the traditional pushups to increase your punching power. A variation of sit up for a strong core. You will learn shadowboxing, correct footwork and set up. Focus mitts drills will develop speed accuracy, punch combinations and defensive techniques and heavy bag work to develop punching power and endurance.

Corporate Karate

Why a healthy workforce is good for business.

Unfortunately, the workplace can often be a stressful environment full of deadlines, rapidly paced projects, and department politics. These factors combined with a sedentary lifestyle is a recipe for stress related illnesses. Our program offers several valuable aspects to counter these workplace stressors.   It is trained in an environment of collaborative effort focused on mutual development, excellent for team-building and member engagement regardless of previous athleticism.

This not only provides employees with an opportunity to relax, center themselves and pursue a rewarding, non-competitive fitness building activity with a minimal impact on their schedule.  But, combined with regular exercise and proper nutrition individuals feel better, look better and perform at peak capacity.

You can help your employees to experience this.  The result for you?  Happier, more productive employees, stronger corporate morale and lower health care costs.  Support your employees and they will support you.

For a fraction of your overall healthcare budget, you can show your employees your commitment to their health and wellbeing.

It's Easy to Get Started!  To inquire about how your company can provide all of its employees and their families significant savings, contact us today at 804.741.7400 or thebudocenter@gmail.com 

Sports Development Program

NBA player have been using the martial arts for many years.  The skills you learn from the martial arts enables players to excel at positioning, footwork, shifting their weight, understanding how to use the most their strengths to downplay their weaknesses. They can play against guys that outweighed them by 100 pounds. And they could not match the quickness, or smoothness of a martial artist.
For years, many NFL players have used martial arts as part of their workout regimen.  Martial arts training has tremendous potential to improve various aspects of football; including striking, avoiding and blocking strikes, wrestling and grappling, joint control, drive blocking, breakfalling (falling to the ground safely) and conditioning (speed, strength, stamina, skill levels and flexibility).
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