T H E   B U D O   C E N T E R

M   A   R   T   I   A   L       A   R   T   S      &      F   I   T   N   E   S   S      E   V   O   L   V   E   D


Kristina M. Welch - Model & Designer

"For anyone who has ever tried to engage in such a technical sport as the Martial Arts, you will quickly learn that the expertise and knowledge of your instructor is THE key to your success. 

Master Thornton and Master Justice are  more then I could have ever asked for; equipped with years of experience and intensive knowledge, the duo is not only teaching you a sport, but an extremely important life-changing TOOL that you will carry with you for the rest of your life. An entire body experience committed towards developing a healthier version of yourself physically and mentally. 

I am so thankful for the guidance, energy, and dedication that Master Thornton and Master Justice have put towards my development. "

Kati Roberts - Model, Actress & Singer

Getting in shape, and staying in shape, are essential in order to live a healthy lifestyle.  Who wouldn’t want to feel, and look, great?  Master Justice and Master Thornton make working out fun and easy through martial arts techniques.  After a few weeks of training, I would go to work or school and tell my friends, “try to fight me,” and show them the defense techniques I learned.  

I have developed a great relationship with Master Justice and Master Thornton over a period of a few months.  Both are so energetic and passionate about teaching students new moves, promoting them to live a healthy life style, and watching them grow and develop over time.  

The Budo Center is a welcoming environment to students of all ages, and can be a great opportunity for bonding between a parent and child.  Once I have children, I know where I’m taking them!

I am very grateful to have Master Justice and Master Thornton as outstanding role models.

Josh Rymer - Athlete, Model & Fitness Instructor

Training with Master Thornton and Master Justice has been a pleasure since day one. They introduce something new, challenging and fun every single lesson. Since I started taking private lessons, I can confidently say I have vastly improved my flexibility, cardiovascular endurance, and hand-eye coordination.

Between the two of them, Master Thornton and Master Justice have seemingly unlimited knowledge of martial arts and can thoroughly and successfully answer any question I have. They are both phenomenal instructors and it clearly shows when the younger students can do more complicated forms than I can. I look forward to every single lesson because the material I learn is always new and exciting. I mean who doesn't like showing off their weapons skills in front of their friends?

Kim Alley - Owner of Kim Alley Models

I am amazed within just a few classes with Master Justice how my sons confidence has grown! She is a positive and energetic person... I really love her style and grace within the class. She is sweet yet also strong, shows respect to the children and is given respect. Great directions with techniques, my son is having a fun time with kids his age and older. 

The only thing I would like is for the class to be little longer because they are enjoying it so much. A wonderful experience. I would highly recommend her to everyone!

Don Myers - Actor & Athlete

"The Budo Center is hands down the best martial arts facility in town! Master Justice and her team have a plethora of knowledge, teach the latest techniques and care about individual development. The convenient location, hours of operation and the professional and friendly staff make it an easy choice for me. "

Alex Kram - Actor & Soldier

You know the stories of the martial arts studio's that the students are like family, the one's where the masters would take in their students and do whatever was necessary for that student to be successful in life? Well I've had the honor to discover one such as that. Master Pamela Justice and Master Chuck Thornton's studio, is not only a place to learn martial arts or self defense, it is a place to find belonging and family. In my 14 or so years of training in martial arts I've never once come across masters so devoted to their students. It feels like a family when you become apart of The Budo Center, a family I am proud to say I am apart of.

Shannon Montsinger-Fake 
Owner/Agent at Montsinger Entertainment LLC, Student

Great instructors, great workout and love learning self defense techniques too! Best workout I've had in a long time!!! Highly recommend.

Dr. Joseph Niamtu, III, D.M.D

I have had the pleasure to know Pam on numerous levels, including employer, friend and student. I have watched her work, learn and teach and she is a totally amazing person. Very few people in my experience have exhibited the level of "spunk" and energy as does Pam. 

In terms of her expertise, she has an amazing story of going from a serious spinal injury to a champion. She is well versed in numerous martial arts disciplines and her resume is most impressive. 

Pam is very honest and trustworthy as well as punctual and compassionate. I believe that the above attributes with her other outstanding personality and physical traits make her an excellent choice for an instructor.

Ricardo Edwards - Entrepreneur

Thank you so much for your leadership ability. I appreciate your commitment, dedication, and passion for the Martial Arts. I have undergone a total life change as a result of your positive philosophies. Thank you for enriching my life. The women of NDMC, Inc. thank you for taking the time to teach them valuable self defense and rape prevention techniques. We want to do another seminar in the Spring and invite you to our Neighborhood Watch Program. You are a tremendous asset to the community at large. We can't say thank you enough!!

Tanya Bartek - Actress

Eden and I love The Budo Center. It is our first experience with martial arts and Master Justice and Master Thornton create a very comfortable and motivating class setting. I like that my daughter and I can take a class together, so that we can enhance our bond and grow together as a team. Overall, our experience has been nothing less than positive. Seeing my daughter gain more confidence and self-awareness is so rewarding and I would recommend them to anyone.

Serena & Sergie Kashefska

Me, My husband and my Son were all enrolled with Master Pam and Master Chuck. We moved from Va to PA and have not found a Martial Arts School that was as good as Master Pam and Master Chuck!! We miss them dearly!!!!!

Jesse Gray - Director

The Budo Center creates a very safe, challenging, and gratifying environment for the exploration and execution of karate. Master Justice and Master Thornton have done a great job balancing the discipline’s art with practical application; they teach forms, strikes, and combos that will not only make me a good martial artist, but that will prepare me to face real life conflict should it arise. 

At 38 I’m older than most of the students, but I don’t ever feel out of place. Somehow I’m encouraged, corrected and pushed all that same time, and at a pace that works for me. I saw overall improvements in my movement, balance, and flexibility within the first few weeks, which alone makes it a worthwhile pursuit as far as I’m concerned. I feel like I’ve learned so much in a short period of time, but brief demonstrations by the Masters during training has shown me just how deep and vast the discipline really is. 

Their integrity and respect of the art makes progressing genuinely rewarding, as they will not award belts unless there is proof that form and function have been mastered in accordance with the curriculum; when you get a belt, you wear it proudly because you know you’ve earned it. The Budo Center is a great value, suitable for those who want to casually explore what karate has to offer, as well as for those who want to perform at a highly competitive level.

Herb Borkland - Producer/Writer

As a Hall of Fame martial arts writer, I run into a lot of amazing stories. The triumphant sage of Master Pamela Justice is one of my all-time favorites.

Carolyn Robinson

We have been pleasantly surprised that Martial Arts is so much more than self defense. We are extremely happy that our son, Joshua is not only learning self defense but also lessons of discipline, focus and respect are intertwined in each class. We would encourage all parents to get their children involved with The Budo Center.

Chris Burroughs - VP IT Infrastructure Americas Region Allianz Global Assistance 

My daughter had no desire to take karate because she thought it was for boys and she wasn't into sporty things. I signed her up at Cat's Cap and it quickly became her favorite class there! She absolutely adores Master Thornton and his supportive comments. When the kids mess up, he laughs it off and then gently corrects them. He is the perfect teacher for my daughter. Master Justice is fantastic too. She insists on discipline, respect, and teamwork and I'm so pleased with the self confidence and strength my daughter has gained through the program. There's an expression - "an iron fist in a velvet glove" and that describes Master Thornton and Master Justice so well. The kids love and respect them and they're helping the kids more than the kids know. Thanks so much for introducing our family to this wonderful activity!

University of Richmond - Stephanie Saphos

Thank you for conducting the Self Defense and Awareness Courses at the University of Richmond. We feel the course was very successful. Forty participants registered for the course and I noticed a lot of people who came to every session. Many others expressed to me their disappointment in not being able to attend the classes. The classes were upbeat, interesting and informative. You and your assistants did an excellent job thoroughly and carefully demonstrating self defense moves and also explaining safety tips. Your enthusiasm was definitely contagious. Thank you again for conducting this important program.

St. Catherine's School - Sherrie Page, 
RN, MSN Health Teacher

I teach Health to 9th and 10th grade girls at St. Catherine's School. The class covers many life issues, including the unfortunate statistic that 25% of all females are sexually assaulted. The reality of violence against women underscores the need for females to be familiar with self-defense techniques. Masters Justice and Thornton have introduced self-defense techniques as part of the St. Catherine's Health Curriculum.  They both do an excellent job providing an overview and key concepts.  I hope our students continue to develop their self-defense skills with Master Justice and Master Thornton.

St. Catherine's School - Laura Horn
Chairman of the Health and Physical Education Department

"Master Justice and Master Thornton came to St. Catherine's School to teach our entire 8th grade Self Defense. Coming into the program, students were hesitant to punch or kick, so learning skills were difficult; however, through creative lessons, the instructors were able to focus students on a specific skill and how and when to perform the skill. As a result, our 8th grade students have learned Self Defense skills, but they have also been exposed to another avenue to maintain lifetime fitness." 

Shannon Heady, PTA After School Coordinator 
William Fox Elementary School

Master Justice and her team are amazing professionals!  They teach children to love Karate as well as to respect themselves and others around them.  The comprehensive program does what good martial arts should do..... works on mind, body and spirit.  This class is one of the most popular programs at William Fox Elementary.  I would highly recommend this program to parents and students alike!

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